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Are you a property owner looking to rent your property or a real estate investor or developer looking to get involved in the coliving real estate asset class? We would love for you to partner with us!

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Five reasons why property owners choose us:

We provide reliable rents. We handle the marketing. We screen the residents. We manage the property. We provide passive income.

Enclave Coliving provides reliable and professional solutions to our coliving partners.

We provide reliable rents.

Get your rent payment every month without having to hassle residents.


We handle the marketing.

We advertise your property on various marketing channels online.


We screen the residents.

We make sure our residents are vetted and qualified to rent.


We manage the property.

We convert your property into a coliving space and manage your property and our residents.


We provide passive income.

Get the true hands-free passive income you’ve always wanted.



See our services.


We handle the work of listing, advertising, and finding new residents.

Resident Screening

We screen and run background checks on all of our residents.


We manage our residents and your property fully.


We handle maintenance up to a specific dollar amount per incident.

Interior Design

We oversee the designing and furnishing of your property.

Lawn Care

We provide lawn care and landscaping for your property.

Passive Income

We give you true passive income with our hands-free coliving model.

…And More

We’re constantly looking for more ways to serve you and our residents.

How it Works



Apply and give us some general information about your property. We’d like to learn as much as we can about you and your property so we can serve you better.


We will create and send you our Coliving Partner Proposal for you to review. This will give you an idea of what we plan to do with your property and how we will work to make sure you and our residents are happy. During this phase, we will discuss our proposal, process, and answer questions you may have.


We will send you our Coliving Partner Agreement to review and sign. This will be our official partnership contract that will outline our working relationship and all terms. You can rest assure that your property will be in good hands.


We will onboard your property, help furnish it, and get it ready for our residents. Once furnished, we will capture professional photos of the property and will begin advertising and sub-leasing your property to our qualified residents.


We will manage your property and our residents, and will handle maintenance up to a specific dollar amount per incident. You get hands-free passive income every month.


What is coliving?

Coliving is a modern form of housing where residents share living spaces and amenities to save money and maintain a higher standard of living. The concept of co-living is becoming a more attractive and effective solution among professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and creatives. Coliving is similar to single room occupancy as it offers residents an individual space in a shared property.

Coliving provides a more affordable and amenity-based alternative to individual apartments. The defining characteristic is that all coliving spaces offer at least a shared kitchen and living room. Coliving appeals particularly to Millennials due to rising property prices. Residents of coliving spaces typically range between the ages of 19 and 40 years. They are typically employees of startups, entrepreneurs, or students.

Want to learn more? Click the button below and read our article on “What Is Coliving & Why You Should Consider It”.

What is Coliving?

Why would a property owner agree to this?

A common reason property owners agree to our coliving model is because they no longer want to manage their own property. Another common reason is because they don’t want the property to remain vacant. Another reason is because they may have inherited a property and have no idea how to manage it. Another reason is because they may have had a negative experience with a previous property management company and are looking for another company. Another reason is because they want to receive 100% of their rental income without having to pay any property management fees.

Where does Enclave Coliving Operate?

Enclave Coliving currently operates in Albany, GA and Atlanta, GA. We will be expanding to other major cities in the coming years.

How does Enclave Coliving select residents?

We aim to provide a quality living experience for all of our residents. We screen all of our prospective residents and require them to go through our application process, which includes a background check and credit check.

What type of properties qualify for Enclave Coliving?

Enclave Coliving partners with property owners and managers of single-family houses and multi-family units. We specialize in managing and operating single-family properties that have a minimum of 4 bedrooms and multi-family that have multiple units.

Are there any hidden fees?

Unlike most property management companies, Enclave Coliving does not charge property owners a brokers’ fee, a percentage of rents, or any other service fees. We simply take on your lease and satisfy your rent each month. You get hands-free passive income.

When operating a property, we may invest up to $10,000 in furnishing and preparing your property for our coliving residents. This investment is a capital expenditure that takes place during our initial take-over period and preparation of your property. We will recoup that investment over time from our increased rents.

Who is signing the lease?

Enclave Coliving will sign the lease, which makes us your tenant. You lease your property directly to Enclave Coliving and we sub-lease to our residents.

How does Enclave Coliving make money?

Enclave Coliving will sub-lease your property by the bedroom using our coliving model. In doing so, we are able to increase the total net revenue for the property. This increased revenue allows us manage your property and our residents at no cost to you without the hassle of property management fees. We satisfy your monthly rent, pay the utilities and other ancillary fees, and keep the difference for our revenue.

If a resident damages the property, who pays for it?

Enclave Coliving will cover damages caused by residents up to a specific dollar amount per incident. This dollar amount will be defined and explained in your Coliving Partner Agreement. We will pay for and handle any damages and maintenance issues up to the specific dollar amount. Costs beyond that dollar amount will be the responsibility of you, the property owner. We also require residents to have renter’s insurance.


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Enclave Coliving has been a great partner. They work hard to make sure I'm taken care of and I don't feel stressed anymore about managing or marketing my property. I now have REAL passive income.

Jason BeckfordProperty Owner

I became a coliving partner with Enclave Coliving and leased one of my properties to them. I continued to manage my other properties until I realized how well they managed my first property. I'm considering leasing my other properties to them as well.

Lou BryantProperty Owner

Enclave Coliving came to my rescue when I was having trouble getting my property rented. They took over everything for a year and made it easy for me to focus on other things. I've since sold my property and am so glad they were available to manage my property when I needed it.

Joanna WilkonsonProperty Owner