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Live Better Together!

Coliving is Coming
to Atlanta, GA!

Coliving is Coming
to Atlanta, GA!

If you’re looking for a place in Atlanta and you’re ready to ditch the ever-rising cost of living, we have the solution.

Move-In Ready

Our spaces come fully-furnished with utilities and Internet included.

One Monthly Cost

No need to worry about random or hidden fees. Pay one simple monthly cost for your stay.

Flexible Leases

We offer 3 to 12 month lease terms to cater to your living needs.

Access to Perks

As a resident of one of our shared spaces, we provide occasional perks and deals from our partners.

Why Coliving?

Moving to a new city can be an exciting feeling with so many new places to explore. However, finding a nice place to stay can be a pretty stressful task. The majority of the cities in the US lack affordable housing options, and to avoid ridiculous housing costs, many people are starting to turn to COLIVING.

Coliving is a new rental trend allowing residents to share a living space while providing each resident with their own private bedroom. It’s a great way to lower your cost of living while maintaining a certain quality of life.

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Lower your monthly expenses while maintaining a certain quality of life.

Imagine a shared living experience where connectivity, convenience, and comfort intersect. Where good design meets technology. Where costs are bundled into one simple all-inclusive rate. Where roommates are pre-vetted and everything comes fully-furnished. And imagine you living there!

Our Enclave Coliving Spaces are tailored to fit your living needs so that you can focus more on life and work, and less on the cost of living. It’s time we rethink the cost of living and we want you to be a part of it!

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Live Different. Save More.

Upgrade your lifestyle and move into an Enclave Coliving Space. Our coliving spaces are all-inclusive, move-in ready, and fully-furnished so you can live better and save more. Reserve your room today! #LiveDifferent

  • Enjoy your very own private bedroom.
  • All Utilities and Internet included in the rent.
  • No worries about the furniture. We have that handled.
  • Share living space with roommates you’ll like.
  • Lower your monthly expenses.
  • Maintain a certain quality of life.
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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game.

I've rented a room and I can say the experience and customer service was fantastic! This is a great solution for those who are traveling or in school without the hassle. I'm very satisfied with the services. The house is exactly as it appears on the photos on the website.

Nicole FeddTraveling Nurse

I can genuinely say my stay was amazing. Everything was always functional and whenever anything wasn’t working, it was handled immediately without any problems. Definitely highly recommend it to anyone looking to be in a comfortable, clean, professional setting.

DeMarcus AllisonCollege Student

I was tired of having all of these bills where I lived. When I heard about Enclave Coliving, I reserved a room. Best decision I've made.

Brittany EvansEntrepreneur

I rented a room for my daughter while she was in college. She felt at home and made friends while living there. Great experience!

Brian GraysonParent

Truly enjoyed this space! Super clean! The customer service is great and I would definitely recommend!!!

Christina CompereProfessional
Join Today!

Join the waitlist to stay in the loop and be 1st in line when we launch!

Join Today!

Join the waitlist to stay in the loop and be 1st in line when we launch!

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