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A home is a place of comfort and safety. Your home visually reflects your state of mind, personality, and the way you live your life. It’s important that we personalize our space to maintain a sense of individuality, confidence, awareness, and freedom.

Below are a few questions and tips to keep in mind when personalizing your space.


What smells do you enjoy? And where in your home would you want to experience them? Would you prefer a woodsy and earthy scent in your bathroom? Would you want your bedroom to smell fresh like clean linen? 

You can also use color! Certain tones and colors activate certain moods and emotions. Find out which colors make you feel warm, bright, relaxed etc., and use them around your space with intention.


Are you a person who travels and collects souvenirs or artifacts? Place them around your home to remind yourself of the positive memories you experienced in your travels. Do you enjoy art? Hang a couple pieces on your wall for you and your guests  to marvel at. Are you a minimalist? Maybe open space, pastel colors and your favorite plant is all you need to feel at home. Decor can be fun, let it BE YOU.


What makes sense for your lifestyle? If you’re a mixologist, why not have a bar set up for you to try new recipes at home. Do you have a bunch of books lying around? Invest in a bookshelf or get creative and stack style your book collection. Are you nifty in the kitchen? Adding a spice rack would prevent an overflow of herbs and spices in the cabinets.


What are the items you cannot be without? What items are necessary for your well being? Throw away or recycle what is not being used. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, it doesn’t serve you. Keep a few sentimentals but don’t overwhelm your space into hoarding. 


Tidy up. Schedule cleaning days if you find yourself too busy to clean during the week. Maintaining a clean space allows the breathability needed to maintain a sense of clarity and mental space. 

A Word on Personalizing Shared Space 

The same tips apply when you are sharing space with others. However, communication and consideration should be taken into account when personalizing a shared space. Be open to a few different ideas and find some commonalities between you and your roommates. Whether it be a personal photo or trinket, be sure that everyone is able to add a little piece of themselves to the space.