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So you are moving to Atlanta, Yes?

Well welcome to ridiculous rush hour traffic and daily schizophrenic weather — you’re gonna love it? In all seriousness, there aren’t too many places like Atlanta. It has a little bit of everything. We can’t go through everything that makes this city special, but allow us to show you just a couple of our favorite places to spend time. 


St Angelo’s

You like pizza? We do too! This restaurant is located just outside of the city, in Smyrna, Ga. If you aren’t careful, you could drive past it and never know it was there. Trust us, when we tell you you would be missing out. The menu is excellent with the usuals like chicken wings, cheese breads, with or without garlic, tiramisu, and of course, your choice of speciality pizzas or the option to build your own. Check them out. You will not be disappointed. 


Sublime Donuts

Back in the heart of the city, nestled beside Georgia Tech is a lovely little Donut shop called Sublime Donuts. And it is amazing. When your sweet tooth is calling you, this is the place to be. Their creative twist on donuts is genius. The best thing about them might be that they are open 24 hours. So no matter what time of day, Sublime is always there for you! Check them out!!



2nd and Charles

Books! Books! BOOKS!!

If you enjoy books, this is your heaven. 2nd and Charles, a trader of used media, has one of the largest collections of used books we have ever seen. But not just books; they also have a section for video games and movies. If you have a box, or boxes, this is the perfect place to trade/sell your stuff and then go shopping with their store credit or you can pocket the cash. It is an amazing place. The only thing — the store is located about 45 minutes outside the city! But when we tell you it is worth it, we mean it!!


Piedmont Park

Sometimes, all you need is some fresh air. Piedmont park is one of our favorite parks. Any given day you’ll find it swarming with people and families. Some exercising or simply enjoying each other’s presence beneath the sunshine. There is a track to run on, basketball courts, and during the summer people flock to the splash pads. Atlanta has a wonderful array of parks, and Piedmont Park is one of the best!


The High Museum

And if you’re feeling artsy and want to inject a little culture into your life, we recommend The High Museum. Every few months or so, a new exhibit comes to town giving you an opportunity to learn about a culture in a way, maybe, you never have before. The High is a sophisticated space and is located in a beautiful part of Atlanta called Buckhead. You cannot go wrong with The High!




Decatur is a 10 to 20-minute ride to the heart of the city depending on how deep you go. Filled with the edgiest small businesses and eclectic shops, Decatur can feel like an island of it’s own. LGBTQ friendly, downtown Decatur is busy while the suburbs of Decatur are quiet. It can be easy to find little nooks and crannies to explore. Liberal in nature, this town has little parks, restaurants, and bars in between rows and rows of classically styled homes. 



What began as a very small, suburban town has now blossomed into one of the busiest places for young professionals, new buildings, and most recently, The new Braves stadium. Just a short drive to the stadium, Smyrna has become an upscale city with a midtown edge. It’s the middle ground we’re all looking for — city feel with suburban living. In Smyrna, you can find everything you’re looking for from a small hair salon to big-name grocery stores and restaurants. 


West Midtown 

West Midtown sits nestled between the two above cities. Not quite city, not quite suburb, west midtown feels much like an in-between. Over the last year, it’s grown with upscale condos and small businesses popping up left and right. This town feels like it has a secret we’re all trying to figure out. Churches, industrial buildings, and small music studios line the inner streets. You can find what you’re looking for here, but you have to look a little deeper than the obvious in order to do so. 


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