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We all know life will never be perfect, but what we don’t often consider, is how easy it can be to create a life we love by making just a few small changes. Aligning ourselves with what we really need can give us a sense of freedom and clarity that will fuel us to enhance our reality. 

As we grow and evolve, we should look for ways to improve the way we live because an accessible and suitable lifestyle will not only elevate us but also motivate us to make room for more opportunities. 

1. Choose Your Commute 

Have  you ever chosen a job because it was what you needed at the time financially but geographically, it was the worst decision you’d ever made? Especially in cities like Atlanta, traffic can literally ruin your entire day. One great way to enhance  your lifestyle is to be super intentional about your commute. I love living near the city, I prefer to be in close proximity to my work so an easy commute is essential for my lifestyle. If driving or taking the train for hours is something you love because you like the time alone, then go for it. But if you’d like to live close to where you work, pay attention to the different ways you can choose a home close to your job or work in a way where your commute fits your preferences. 

2. Pursue your interests

My business requires a lot of networking and event planning which provides countless opportunities for inspiration and connection within the communities that align with my vision. These days, people seem to think in order to pursue your interest you have to quit your job or find a way to make money doing what you love (which is fine). But, if you love what you do professionally and still need a little improvement to your life, try pursuing the things that you love in other ways. Explore nature. Take a painting class. Start a club. And if your responsibilities are crowding your time, find ways to make space by letting go of the unnecessary things in your life. 

3. Be Intentional About Your Living Space  

Our environment can have a direct effect on our productivity and growth,  therefore, being intentional about the space we live in can give us a sense of freedom and clarity. What do you love about your space? What things can you bring into your space to make it better? 

I’ve also found it beneficial to live with roommates. Sharing a home with others is a great way to save money and build on your community. It can provide a sense of safety and security while also helping you build character. You can learn so much about responsibility, consideration, and communication while living with others; and it doesn’t hurt to have a crew of people who may love the things you love.