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Community Gardens have been popping up all over the city in places you never thought you’d find them. From southwest Atlanta to gardens in various apartment complexes, we as a community are learning to value the original practice of growing the food we consume. Community gardens make it possible for many people to enjoy land for gardening that they may not have been able to afford on their own. The benefits extend to the rest of the neighborhood and even to society as a whole. Based on research and testimonials, below are five benefits of having a community garden close by.

Access to fresh foods

Let’s be honest, these days we barely know what’s in our food when we buy them from the store. Unless you are careful to read and understand ingredients, a lot of our food has been altered with preservatives in order to make it last longer. Community gardens give us access to fresh foods that haven’t been tampered with in order for our body to get all the nutrients embedded within them. 

Food security

Depending on where you live, you may have decreased access to food places that are beneficial to your health. In areas near the south side of Atlanta, it’s hard to find nutritious food within a close range. Community gardens are a way to solve that problem. You have guaranteed good food close by and you never have to worry about not having enough. 

Physical Activity

If you’ve ever worked out in a garden, you know the physical strength it takes to endure the sun, pull the weeds, and plant the crops. Community gardens are a great way to get your vitamin D and move your body all while planting food that will replenish you and give you the energy you need.


Growing something with others promotes togetherness and community. In most community gardens, it’s the responsibility of every patron to care for the crops. A shared responsibility also means a shared sense of care and empathy towards one another. The garden is about everyone. When we tend to the needs of others, we all benefit from it.

Mental Clarity 

Being outside is an instant way to gain mental clarity when life gets a little hazy. Having a garden gives you a reason to go outside more often to check on your crops or harvest them. This habit of being in nature is a natural stimulant for happiness, peace, and harmony. 

When looking for a place to live, check out what gardens are near by. Get involved and learn to harvest food while building a shared sense of community with those around you.