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We know not everyone is into the whole Zodiac sign craze but it’s often hard to deny the truth when your zodiac characteristics describes you so well. If you’ve been thinking about your housing plans, we want to give you a little whisper towards who you may want to room with based on your own zodiac sign and preferences.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but we wanted to highlight just a few zodiac signs and what it may be like to live with them.


If you’re rooming with an Aries, you should brace yourself for some very hot and loud interactions. For Aries, arguing is an attempt to find solutions and resolutions versus a sign of anger and malice.

With this being said, they can also be the life of the party around the house. They can help lift you up from the funk of a long day. One thing to consider when living with an Aries is to make sure you’re clear on communication when it comes to what belongs to who.


Taurus roommates have a love and affinity for their living spaces. They can make some of the most peaceful and loyal friends, especially if you show that you care about their space as much as they do.

They are masters at being the friend who wants to stay in and chill but they also must have a solid routine. Beware of their silent rage if you move their things without their knowledge.


A Gemini roommate will be over the shallow talk quickly. They want to know more about you and the in depth details of your life. They have the ability to bring you out of shell with their over communication.

Their only downfall is that their high energy may be too much for someone who prefers more of a chill environment. True to their name, Gemini’s can have two sides of themselves at any given moment; but some would argue, that’s what makes them fun.


A Cancer is the type to make an elaborate dinner every so often just because they want to. They place a lot of emphasis on protecting their home and their friends.
They respect boundaries and simultaneously understand the importance of opening up to others. Contrarily, they can be difficult to read and may withdraw when going through things.


We all know Leo’s live on the wild side of life. One moment they’ll be entertaining you and the next, they may be telling you about yourself in the most straightforward way.

Whether you enjoy the rollercoaster or not, Leo’s are the epitome of the yin and yang theory. When you’re down, they’ll pull you up but if ever you have to spar with them, you should beware of their ability to steer the narrative.


Check back with us for part two of this series coming soon!