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If you haven’t seen Sing, Moana, or Trolls yet, you are seriously missing out on a few of the best animated movies to hit the screen since the 90’s. While these movies are geared towards children, there are valuable life lessons embedded in them that we can all relate to. As we move through our creative, professional, and personal lives, we can and should take a moment to venture into the pleasant world of wonder and magic.

Do What Makes Your Heart Well

 It’s an age old cliche saying that will resonate with anyone who has ever followed their heart and found their peace. In the movie Sing, the character Johnny has a very difficult decision to make. You see him going back and forth between trying to please his father while wanting to follow his heart. In the end, his decision to follow his heart made everything right between him and his father. Making the tough decisions isn’t always about taking the easy road, sometimes; it’s about doing what makes your heart well. 

Take the First Step 

In the movie Moana, she ventures out to help save her village by embarking on a journey in unfamiliar territory. Initially, she has no idea what she’s doing and finds herself lost at sea, literally. When she yelled for help, she found hesrlf face first in the very place she had been trying to go all along. While the waters were rough initially, she wouldn’t have found her way, or saved her village if she had not taken the first step. Take the first step, and the answers will come. 

Use What You Have 

Buster Moon is a theater owner who has big dreams. When those big dreams are shattered , he finds himself out of a venue and down on himself. Inspired by the voice of one of his contestants, he picks himself up and decides to rebuild his theater and live out his dream. He didn’t have money, but he used the pieces he had, and those willing to help to rebuild his theater and put on a life changing show. You may not always have what you want, but if let your mind wander to the creative, you can use what you have to create everything you need.  

Crazy Ideas Save The World 

Princess Poppy is the most ambitious and optimistic leader in the movie Trolls. When her fellow trollmates are captured by blood thirsty burgons, she makes the bold decision to save them from being eaten alive. IN the process, Poppy shares her contradicting beliefs that the Burgons don’t have to eat the trolls in order to be happy; and when she presents this idea to the entire kingdom, she proves that not only is happiness possible for everyone; they already have it.