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Moving—Is it Right For Me?

Moving is a big step forward in any person’s life, but moving away from home, family, and friends is an even bigger step.  It’s actually more like a stride because you often don’t know anybody in the new big city you choose to make landfall.  In those next phases to adulthood and perhaps even adventure, there are bold risks we take in trying something new and that’s a good thing. Letting go of the past and moving ahead is a mature move—so don’t be afraid to venture out into unknown and “bigger terrain” just because you don’t know anybody there or it’s far away. Moving away doesn’t mean goodbye forever to your hometown – it only means you control when you visit and how others see you. Moving physically may not be too much fun, but the act of choosing to be bold and make a plan for your life is amazing. 

CoLiving—What Can It Do For Me?

As you prepare for the big move, I would ask you to consider a fresh new trend in real estate that is helping to not only curb expenses but also provide a sense of community and belonging: coliving. According to, “Coliving is a modern form of communal living in which residents get a private bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas” (Common Living, 2022). If you’re making a move to an urban city like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, or the Bay Area, then why not consider the possibility of coliving for the first year or two before you are acclimated to your surroundings or while you save money. And, in the process, the agency you rent from can also place you with roommates that share common interests with you as well. Coliving can provide affordability in this shaky housing crisis – helping you feel welcomed, safe, and stable.

The Pursuit of Loneliness or Happiness

In 2020, the entire world experienced a global pandemic that only seemed to exacerbate the way we deal with loneliness, anxiety, and depression today. Not surprisingly, loneliness appears to have increased substantially since the outbreak of the global pandemic” (“Loneliness in America”). Fast-forward two years later,  with Covid-19 still around, we’re  using caution as we slowly venture “outside.” This is even more reason why coliving is the perfect and obvious solution for the introvert or introverted-extrovert that is looking to gain a new support system, to find a real community, or to help hone their sense of well-being.  Coliving can be the space where individuals can make life-long connections in the pursuit of happiness and not loneliness.