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It’s almost the end of 2022 and yes Covid 19 is still an important topic of discussion. We’re coming up on the third year of the pandemic and even though cases have gone down, the virus is still very much alive. When I’m out, I still get side-eyed if I cough a little. According to “covid has reached a plateau with more than 40,000 hospitalized and over 400 deaths a day, consistently over the past month” (and that’s an improvement). They even go on to say that no one really knows what causes cases to rise and fall. With all that being said, people have been out attending festivals, parties and gatherings more frequently. Therefore, we still need to make sure we’re taking the necessary measures to keep ourselves and others around us safe during these events. Here’s three ways to make sure your party or event is safe.

Limit The Guest List

A few weeks ago, I went to a conference where there were thousands of people that came from all over the world. Myself and others ended up with Covid mid conference. There were several seminars and events that took place throughout the city but they did not put a cap on the amount of people that could attend each event. Keep the size of the venue in mind, if it’s spacious, you’ll have room to invite more people. If it’s a smaller venue, stick to a smaller guest count. The room should never be crowded with people standing elbow to elbow, there should be enough room for each person to be able to distance themselves 6 ft away.

Covid Tests

If you are attending or hosting an event that is over 100 or more guests consider making it a requirement for guests to provide a negative covid test before entering. This could even go for smaller events. It just feels good to know everyone at your party is covid free and it prevents your guests from being at risk. Covid tests are being sold at pharmacies and retail stores all over. Guests can purchase a test and get their result within 15 minutes. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your party or event safe.

Fresh Air and Ventilation

Making sure you have ventilation and fresh air at your event will help prevent your guests from spreading the virus. According to,
“Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce the concentration of airborne contaminants and can also help reduce surface contamination by removing some virus particles before they fall out of the air and land on surfaces”. Having proper ventilation or open air spaces will also make your guests feel more comfortable attending your event. So, open a window, choose a venue with a patio or have your event outdoors!