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Sometimes people get caught up in the every day grind. You’re waking up with an amazing morning routine one day, and the next you’re skipping the routine and going straight to work for the day. Or you’re on your phone, scrolling around for hours before you realize it’s time for your next meeting. Despite whether you’re working from home or walking into your house after a long day of work, you can make sure it’s peaceful by trying a few of these simple things: 

Turn off your devices 

There is no doubt that studies show being away from technology for an extended period of time will help you relax and reset. Make a plan to put your devices away in a drawer, even if you can’t do it for an entire day. Try 3 hours to start and go from there. Spend that time doing things that bring you peace. Writing. Going for a walk. Reading. Painting, etc. Creating a habit of turning your devices off will eventually help you slow down and enjoy the peace of your home.  

Light a candle 

This one is pretty simple. Lighting a candle has proven to provide aromatherapy for the mind, body, and soul. You don’t have to be doing anything sensual or relaxing for this candle to bring you peace. When shopping for candles, make sure you choose scents that may calm you or make you feel good. It’s also great to have different types of candles in various rooms so you can light one up anywhere you are. 

Open your windows 

Opening your windows and letting some fresh air in can literally help you breathe better. A slight breeze coming into your home or the sound of rain drops outside can be calming during the day and night time. When the world feels a little too overwhelming or you’re feeling short of breath, open the window and b r e a t h e.

Add Plants 

Believe it or not there is a such thing as “good energy” plants. Snake plants are one of them. Snake plants are very easy to take care of as they don’t require much light or water. It’s known as one of the positive energy plants due to its vibrant color and cheerful vibe it emits, but it’s also one of the healthiest plants as well. It absorbs VOCs and particulate matter from the environment. Eucalyptus plants are also great to create peace in your home. They are said to promote economic welfare as well as prosperity. Apart from improving sleep quality, it is literally known to eliminate negative energy.