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You look out of the window and see leaves blooming on trees. The birds are more ravenous than before and the pollen is suffocating (if you live in GA). All signs that spring is visiting us again. You may not have a habit of celebrating the small things in life, but with what we’ve all been through over the last few years, I think it’s time we start. With that being said, we’ve complied just a few ideas to help you celebrate the beautiful season of Spring. 

Picnic Fridays

About a week ago I went out to the park on a Friday afternoon. I picked up some food, laid out a large blanket, and sat with my family to enjoy the fresh air. Around us sat several others doing their own version of the same. It only took twenty minutes for me to understand that this picnic Friday was something we needed to do at least twice a month; more if possible. If you have a park nearby, grab a blanket, some snacks and a speaker if you want to curate your own vibes. Decide what kind of time you want to have and whether or not you want to be with people or go on your own. Enjoy the sun and take nice long breaths in the process.

Decorate Your Deck 

Spring is the time of patio furniture and beautiful weather. If you have a deck or balcony (even if it’s a small one) create a space for yourself to get some vitamin D. If you aren’t sure how exactly you want your space to look, Pinterest is a great place to start. Look up decks that match the size and layout of your own and do a little browsing. Once you’ve done that, you can search stores like Home Depot, Wayfair, and Overstock to find your perfect fit.

Purge Your Closet 

Yes, we’ve talked about this before but it never hurts to bring it back up again. Purging your closet is an ongoing process. You should revisit it every few weeks once you do laundry to revisit any pieces that may need to go. Look through your closet, and pick out anything that doesn’t feel good, fit well, or bring you joy. Give them away to people you may know or to your local thrift store. Decide what you want your Spring and Summer vibe to be and get to purging.

Pick Up A New Hobby 

In this busy world of doing, it can be easy to forget that we need hobbies to entertain us just because. We can find things that make us happy and help us ‘be’. For some of you reading this, you’ll know exactly what hobby you want to pick up when you read this. For others, you’ll sit and think about what you can possibly pick up as a hobby. To start, think about things you used to do as a child or in your youth that you really enjoyed doing. Playing basketball, painting, running, dancing, etc. Think about what you have access to. Are there groups you could join? Could you just start doing something on your own? Spring is a good time to start something new, so get to it.

Create New Rhythms 

I talked to a spiritual director a few weeks ago who told me she had certain rhythms she tried to incorporate into her life every day. For her, these rhythms were reading, writing, walking, and praying; she wanted to do these four things most days if she is able. She noticed that it is a great way to help with routines and finding beautiful meaning in the small things in life. Think about one to two things you may want to incorporate in your daily life and start to practice them. See how they improve your life and help you celebrate the new beginning of spring.