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When it’s time to eat, do you just go for anything in the fridge or do you consciously think about what you’re in the mood for? Making a decision on what to eat based on your mood can give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Below is a list of food and drink pairing ideas to match your meal with your mood!


Adventurous meals can be as simple as trying something you’ve never tried before. These two pairings were inspired by international travel. After all, traveling around the world is an adventurous thing to do. Why not travel through food and cocktails! 

Pisco Sour and Picarones

The “Pisco Sour” is one of my favorite cocktails and it originates from Peru! The ingredients are simple; Pisco (a grape brandy), simple syrup, lemon or lime juice and an egg white. It’s silky, somewhat sweet and delicately tart. This can be paired with a peruvian dessert called “picarones”. Picarones is a doughy bread made from squash and sweet potatoes. Here’s an article on other food pairings that go well with the Pisco Sour.


Trinidad Sour and Mofongo

Let’s take it to Trinidad! I’ll also tie in Puerto Rico because this Trini inspired cocktail is made by a Puerto Rican Bartender named Giuseppe Gonzolaez. He created a drink called the “Trinidad Sour”. This drink is for all the bitter lovers as it contains an ounce of Angostura bitters! Angostura Bitters originated in Trinidad. It’s made with herbs and spices from Trinidad and Tobago. The Trinidad Sour is made with rye whiskey, orgeat, lemon and of course Angostura Bitters. I chose to pair this cocktail with a Puerto rican dish called “Mofongo”. Mofongo is made with green plantains mashed with meat mixtures such as pork skins or seafood and seasoned with garlic and spices. 


Pizza and Wine

A comforting combo. This is probably the most well known pairings of them all. Pizza makes everybody happy. Snuggle up for a movie night at home or have a casual evening out with friends or family and enjoy this perfect combination. Here’s an article on the best pizza and wine pairings. 


When I’m feeling warm I usually go for some type of savory soup like butternut squash, mushroom or potato soup. Hot tea with a splash of Bourbon warms my heart too. This next pairing is more on the dessert side and can be had during any season. 

Créme Brulee and French Connection

A french pairing of Créme Brulee and the “French Connection” cocktail made with just cognac and amaretto is but a dream come true.  


Sexy should be a mood we experience often. It’s such a confidence booster. What do you have when you’re feeling sexy? For the next few pairings, I put together mood meals that stimulate the sensual and sexual senses; aphrodisiacs. 

Old Fashioned and Baked Sweet Potato

A classic Old Fashioned cocktail is a great nightcap. Make it sexy by adding in a chocolate component such as chocolate bitters dark chocolate syrup or a chocolate infused spirit. This cocktail would be great to have on its own but if you want to pair it with a savory dish, try having it with baked sweet potato loaded with your favorite toppings. 

French 75 and Garlic Herb Charred Oysters

There’s something about bubbles. Especially when it comes with a French 75. This cocktail is made with Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne. Just the look of it feels sexy. Pairing this with herb and garlic charred oysters will for sure set the mood off right. 

Aviation with Fig and Goat Cheese Crostini

The aroma and beautiful hue of violette in this next cocktail,  The “Aviation” is what makes this drink a seductress.  It’s made with Gin,  maraschino liqueur, créme de violette and lemon juice. It’s not as sweet as it looks and has a delicate floral note which would pair well with fig and goat cheese crostini drizzled with honey glazed balsamic. 

Light hearted 

Mojito and Salad Bowl

Sometimes you just want to keep it light and my go-to is healthy foods and fresh ingredients. A Mojito made with fresh mint, rum, simple syrup, lime and club soda is a revitalizing classic cocktail! Pair this with a fresh salad bowl made with leafy greens, grains, vegetables etc. and top it with seared, baked or blackened salmon and freshly squeezed lemon juice. 


Cucumber Coconut Margarita and Chicken or Veggie fajitas

Cucumbers help reduce stress and coconut can help boost your mood! Up your margarita game with this refreshing  cucumber coconut margarita recipe and pair it with veggie fajitas! That sizzling sound makes it feel like a party.