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Community is essential to the soul. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, in a variation of ways – people cannot and should not do life alone. Whether that means you have a romantic partner in your life, a lifetime of friends who you’ve grown up with, or the family you were born into. Community is necessary for a full and fulfilling life because it can be a catalyst to growth when you need it most and expect it the least.

Like Minds

One of my biggest goals in life has been to find other like minded people I can do life with. Not just to go out and have fun, but with finding and pursuing the right career as well. One of the things that has helped me discover purpose and my desired path is by being around others who share the same interest, life philosophies, and moral standards as I do. Those like minds introduce me to places and environments that reveal my truths. Those truths serve as a mirror for me. And I’m sure it is the same for you. If you are in search of  your ‘path’ – whatever that my be – try starting by seeking out people who like what you like and do what you do or want to do. Maybe you want to attend more shows or get into more athletic activities or see more art. Find people, even if it’s just one person, who can relate to that and stick beside them. They may lead you straight to your destiny.


There is nothing like a direct connection to that thing you want or that place you’ve been thinking about. There have been so many opportunities that have come about because someone knew someone who knew someone and now they’re in a position to to do the very thing they’ve been wanting to do for years. I know of many people who have found jobs, homes, or other opportunities that way. One tip to note here is that you have to be vocal about what you want. You want a job at Netflix, tell somebody. You may have a cousin or friend who can get a referral for you. You want to write for a magazine or move up in your career, talk to old coworkers or family friends that may be able to get you there. You only need one connection to be the right connection.

A Place To Build

This is perhaps one of my favorite things about community. In community, you have the potential to build what you want. Maybe there are no connections. Maybe there are no places for you to go. Maybe your mission is to build with the people around you. TV producer Issa Rae preaches about building across as opposed to reaching up. When you look around you and see people who may want to move forward in doing something with you – you have a team. You have your connection and like minded people in one. Despite what you believe in, there are so many times in life where we’re put around specific people for a very specific reason. And that reason, could be to build the very thing you’ve been looking for.

So how do you find this community? Especially post college or high school years – it gets harder and harder to find friendship and connections that are genuine and purposeful. You have to start where you are and put your best foot froward. Do you work with anyone you vibe with? Do you have friends who you haven’t connected with in a while? Are there people on social media who you really enjoy talking to or keeping up with? You can start anywhere, but wherever you start, stay genuine and authentic to yourself and you’ll get where you need to be.