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Spring is in the air, the weather in Georgia is all over the grid and we have no idea what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. Spring, in that way, often feels like a great time to transition. Every few months, we feel this tingle to address a long lost dream or an idea we’ve abandoned. We aren’t always sure whether to pursue or defer but this month could feel like a great time to move on or into something new. So, how do you know when it’s time? How do you know what feeling to trust. Well, let’s talk about it.

You Keep Getting Messages

Whether you believe in it or not, some would say the world around us give us messages that it’s time for something new. If you dream about moving to a new city, you may start to see and hear that city all around you on commercials or from the mouths of friends. If you have been thinking about changing careers, you may get an email from a company looking for your skillset. So on and so forth these little reminders and hints could show up anywhere and during a time you least expect. You’re not always prepared for transition but if you’re getting messages, you may need to get ready.

You Can Feel It

Sometimes you just know it’s time for a transition. You can feel it in your gut. You start to make an exit plan or prepare yourself for the next chapter. You may sign up for classes and certifications so that when your next opportunity comes, you’re already certified. You may begin to think in terms of your future as opposed to in terms of your past. You start to make plans beyond your normal routine and instead, you make room for your next. Sometimes knowing it’s times to move towards something new is just a feeling – one only you can understand.

You’ve Done All You Can Do

It’s difficult to know when you’ve outstayed a person, place, or thing in your life. Have you ever had a moment when you weren’t sure whether or not it was time to give up or give it one more go? We all have, and there isn’t always a way to know which to do. But if you’re having the thought that it may be time to move on, try talking to someone about it – someone you trust. You never want to give up on something you believe in but when you’ve done all you can do, it may be time to try something new OR do that old thing in a new way. The possibilities are as many as you can dream.