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If you’ve experienced what it’s like to live in a co-living space you may be interested in taking a solo trip abroad. Some countries are now opening back up to travelers and explorers around the world. Have you ever considered booking a stay at a hostel? Staying at a hostel as a solo traveler is a great way to meet new people and explore different cultures. Listed below are a few benefits of how co-living can help prepare you for solo traveling while staying at a hostel abroad. 


I highly recommend staying at a hostel for your first time as a solo traveler. When I traveled to Europe by myself, I stayed in a few hostels and it was the best decision I could’ve made. Hostels are similar to co-living spaces as they provide inexpensive lodging for travelers.  I stayed in a room with 5 other women. With the exception of the bathroom, we each had our own bed, a locker, and a partition attached to our beds for anytime we needed privacy. Much like co-living spaces, some hostels offer a private room and bathroom. They also have common areas and shared spaces such as a kitchen/cafe and living room. The common areas are a great time to mix and mingle with other tenants!


Most amenity costs in co-living spaces are split between tenants, allowing each individual to save money. Staying at a hostel permits that same benefit.  When you spend less on lodging, you’ll be able to allocate more money towards activities, transportation and excursions. Some hostels are so affordable that you may be able to spend a little extra money to extend your stay. 

Social Life

Similar to co-living spaces, staying at a hostel allows you to meet new people, gain perspective on how other people live and experience different cultures. In addition to hostels, staying with a local family is also recommended, it can make the experience feel more like a home away from home. 

There is always someone around willing to help you navigate through the city. Local families or hostel hosts usually have a list of places to visit and dine. Oftentimes you’ll run into other solo travelers looking to explore, which is a great opportunity to make new friends.


Co-living spaces and Hostels will typically have some sort of security system in place for their lodgers. During my stay in London I made sure to bring a small padlock for the lockers they had available, this assured me that my luggage was safe anytime I left to roam about the city. It makes it less of a risk knowing that there’s a security officer on duty for 24 hr surveillance or something such as a private locker or security camera there to help protect. Additionally, it’s always best to be aware of your surroundings and stay clear of empty alleyways. There’s an article here that lists a few safety tips on staying at hostels.

In closing, if you’ve had any experience with co-living you are somewhat already prepared for living in a hostel abroad. It may be time for you to get out there and meet new people in a whole new environment!