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Atlanta’s art scene has shown diversity between mediums as well as culture. It’s great to see how artists have remained creative and expressive in their work throughout this past year’s events, which has caused an abrupt realignment. 

We often view art through our own lens; interpreting a perspective based on how we’ve experienced the world we live in. Art is marveled upon by sight but essentially, it can also be felt in its many forms — a poem, a painting, a song, a sculpture, a dance, a way in which we style our clothes. Art is reflection, and even if you don’t enjoy the common forms of art, you can appreciate the perspective that art is everywhere — especially in Atlanta. 

Filled with museums, galleries, and street art, Atlanta is filled with art that fosters community.  You don’t have to look far for inspiration and below are a few spots to check out if you’re looking to visit an exhibit or to simply experience art in nature. 

Visit these Museums and Galleries to experience creative and authentic art: 

  1. Mint Gallery 
  2. Zucot Gallery
  3. Alan Avery Art Company
  4. Atlanta Contemporary
  5. The Gallery – Wish Atlanta
  6. StudioSwan
  7. The Goat Farm Art Center
  8. High Museum
  9. MoDa

Visit these Universities for unique art experiences:  

  1. Kennesaw
  2. Spellman
  3. SCAD

Visit these neighborhoods to experience street art:

  1. Art on the beltline 
  2. Cabbagetown Murals
  3. Krog Street Murals
  4. Pittsburgh Murals
  5. Edgewood Murals
  6. Little 5 points – Murals