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Have you heard of “Winter sadness”? It’s a real thing. Around the fall and winter season some people may experience a deep sadness or depression. Some say it’s because we barely get to see the sun, which I do agree with, or maybe it’s because of that end of year pressure of life just not going as planned. We’re all battling with something and I truly hope you are able to get through it. Here’s a few ways on how to cope and let go of winter sadness.

Feed Yourself Light

Instead of feeding into winter sadness, feed yourself light. Meaning, whatever you consume during this time, whether it be what you’re watching, listening to, etc. Let it be lighthearted, inspirational or something that soothes you. Even when it comes to food and drinks, try eating less junk food and drink more water. Also, stay away from toxic people. This will help you keep a positive mindset.

Talk to your people, your tribe.

Having a support system will remind you that you are not alone. We all need a little support at times, especially when the moment gets too tough to handle. Reach out to your closest friends or family members. Share with them how you’re feeling and seek advice if you feel led to do so.

Try a Therapist

If you don’t have a solid support system. Try signing up for a free consultation with a therapist. There are so many resources for therapy online. There are online places like Talkspace, Better Help, or Liberate Meditation, where you don’t have to actually speak to or see a therapist, you can text or email right from your phone. It’s nice to have someone to talk to and maybe even help you work through whatever it is you’re going through.

Ground Yourself

Spend time doing things that ground you. A few of my favorites are deep breathing, getting plenty of rest, nature walks, watching a favorite film or listening to wordless music and doing mindless creative activities. Remember to take it easy on yourself. Let yourself feel your feelings without trying to combat it. If you’re sad, be sad but don’t linger in it. Be present in it. Watch yourself and listen to how you speak to yourself. Then, try to find the root of it all. Maybe there are some answers or realizations that would help you move past those feelings of sadness and depression and into a some much needed growth.