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Thanksgiving is around the corner which means the Friendsgiving’s are in full effect. If you’re unfamiliar, a Friendsgiving is a dinner where friends come together to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in their own unique way. Because most people are with their families on Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving is a way to get that same holiday feel with your friends. Below, we highlight the three main things you need to make your Friendsgiving a success.

Good People 

Creating a great vibe for Friendsgiving starts with inviting the right people. You have to be careful sometimes when inviting guests to a space meant for gratitude and sharing. Make sure you’re inviting people who you love to be around and want to break bread with. If you’re sharing the Friendsgiving with a partner or roommate, make sure there are an equal number of friends on each side. All in all, you need to have good people around you to kick off any successful Friendsgiving. 

Good Spirits 

No one wants bad spirits around at any time but Friendsgiving is definitely not the space for them — and by spirits, I mean drinks! Whether you’re having an alcohol free dinner or not, you can make sure you have good drinks to lift the spirits of everyone there. Pairing wines with the food or creating a punch that may be a little different than your average everyday drink will go a long way. You don’t have to do anything fancy, you can keep it simple and still keep it spirited. (Ok have I used the word spirit enough yet?)

Good Food

Food is the main attraction for Friendsgiving obviously. It’s the reason why we gather and the deciding factor for whose home we’re going to crash during actual Thanksgiving.  If you are going to have food, make it a potluck and save yourself some hard labor. After all, Friendsgiving is about sharing – share the load and have everyone bring a piece of food or dish to the table. You could also get creative with your dinner menu – asking friends to bring unique dishes from their culture or hometowns. You could also give your Friendsgiving a theme, like different types of donuts or all finger foods. You can go all out or stick to what’s safe but good food is an absolute must.