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The holidays are a great time to clean out your closet and redefine your wardrobe. You (may) have time off to finally slow down, breathe, and get some things done that you haven’t been able to do during the year. In this blog, we give you five steps to redefining your closet from start to finish.

1) Purge.

Purging your closet may be the most difficult part of this process. Going through your closet requires patience so you may want to put on some music and plan a few hours to get this done. Or, you could plan to go through your closet over a span of a few days or weeks , whatever it takes to get it done. When going through, first eliminate the things that you may not be able to wear again. We tend to hold on to things we may be able to fit later on but if there is a piece of clothing that is two – three sizes too small, it may be time to let go. Alternatively, you should also let go of clothing you don’t love or get joy from. If you pick up or touch a piece of clothing that doesn’t make you smile or that doesn’t quite fit you well, it may be time to let go of that one as well. Get rid of as much as possible without completely depleting your entire closet. 

2) Pin. 

This is the fun part. Deciding on new pieces you want in your wardrobe could be daunting but try to approach it from a perspective of play as opposed to a place of stress. You can use Pinterest as a guide to decide what your desired style is. Pin as many items and styles as you can and in the next step, you can organize and peruse what you’ve chosen to see where there may be similarities. 

3) Plan.

Create a list of all the items you currently own OR (easier) create a list of all the staple wardrobe/basic items you own. Think of items you may need that can serve as staple pieces. Items like jackets, pants, certain types of shoes – all of those basic pieces that you can swap out over and over in every season. Once you’ve identified those, you can move on to the next step. 

4) Prioritize. 

The next list would be the repeated items from your Pinterest board (if you notice you pinned three looks with a denim jacket, then that makes the list). These are your prioritized staple items that you should shop for first. They should coordinate with the staples you already have. If not, expand the list by adding other staples to it. Your lower priority items are those that are not staples or pieces that don’t fit the current or upcoming season that you might want to be on the lookout for later.

5) Purchase. 

 This is the fun part. Now you can start redefining your closet by making intentional purchases that fit your desired style. This part can also take a while if you are looking for special pieces that match a specific aesthetic. If you already have stores and shops you frequent, feel free to go there, but if you need to explore alternatives, it may be fun to browse various online stores before making any purchases. The only major tip we’ll give is to make sure you only buy things you love so that you don’t end up with a closet filled with things you only kinda like.